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Since 2014, FIS has commissioned multidisciplinary research projects worth more than £2m to support prosperous and sustainable fisheries.


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A practical review of satellite technology opportunities for Scottish fisheries (FIS037)

We believe that satellite-based technology can have a transformative impact on Scottish seafood. This project provides an overview of how space innovation can support Scottish fisheries.


A digitalisation roadmap for Scotland’s fisheries (FIS036)

This project audits the Scottish fishing fleet’s current and future digital capabilities, and looks for opportunities learned within other sectors in order to support FIS in identifying practical, innovative projects.


Understanding greenhouse gas emissions from Scottish fishing vessels (FIS035)

Responding to the need to combat greenhouse gas emissions across all industries, FIS explores practical steps to address emission issues from each fleet segment in Scottish fishing.


2604, 2023

Our own path to net zero: What does decarbonisation mean for safe and prosperous fishing in the Clyde?

April 26, 2023|Categories: News|

FIS and the Clyde Fishermen’s Trust recently hosted two fisher-led workshops, bringing together key stakeholders in the industry - including vessel designers, engineers, regulators, ports representatives and training experts - to discuss how to support Clyde fishing

3001, 2023

‘Too risky’ to delay investment in safe and viable Net Zero fishing vessels

January 30, 2023|Categories: News|

Delaying investment in net zero fishing vessels is a risky strategy, according to a new report we commissioned. The study by Macduff Ship Design explains that net zero fuels are currently no match for diesel-powered fishing vessels,



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