Innovation in its modern meaning is ‘creative thoughts, new imaginations’. But that can discourage people from coming forward with ideas – in an industry as global, enduring and continually inventive as fishing, is there really anything new under the sun?

A more helpful definition of innovation is ‘the practical implementation of an invention, to make a meaningful impact on the market or society’. That hits the spot for FIS – we champion innovation to make the greatest positive change for our seafood industry and the people driving it. The knowledge generated by FIS projects must never sit on a shelf, but must be shared and used to support prosperous, sustainable fishing.

What innovation means to FIS

To encourage the sharing of ideas across the UK and beyond, let’s clarify what innovation means to FIS:

FIS Project Assessment Criteria

Understanding what innovation means for FIS also helps explain what makes a great FIS project.

When FIS is considering where we can add value to UK seafood businesses and communities, we turn to our assessment criteria.  This process helps us spot untapped potential, and supports those who want to share ideas. Potential projects are considered against each question in the criteria – and only progress if the answer is yes!

Find your pathway to impact

To ensure each FIS project makes the greatest positive, practical change for our stakeholders, we ask:

Innovation is about shared opportunities and genuine collaboration – FIS wants to hear from anyone with ideas for prosperous, sustainable fisheries.

Examples of FIS projects: