Understanding greenhouse gas emissions from Scottish fishing vessels


Scotland has committed to reducing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2045. All sectors and industries must make changes to reduce their emissions. Our fishing industry has an important part to play in helping to create a low carbon economy.

In early 2020, FIS asked for views on the most pressing innovation needs for the Scottish seafood industry. 129 ‘critical questions’ were submitted by a wide range of stakeholders. Many of these had a climate theme, such as ‘how do we reduce the carbon footprint of the industry’ and ‘What practical steps can fishers take to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions?’

As carbon is a new work area for FIS, a short desk review was commissioned to inform our next steps. We want to support our industry in reducing vessel emissions in ways that are practical and inclusive, leaving no fishing sector behind. Through our data and digitalisation projects, and at future events, FIS will identify knowledge gaps relevant to Scottish vessels, and what alternative technologies are realistic in a Scottish context.

Keep an eye out for announcements on new carbon-focused projects coming soon.