2906, 2023

Smartrawl: AI-empowered fishing net to help prevent marine bycatch

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Smartrawl - an underwater robotic sorting device which helps fishing trawlers prevent bycatch by identifying and sizing fish and other marine life in real-time - is being developed by researchers from Heriot-Watt University in partnership with FIS, and funded by the UK Seafood Innovation Fund. Smartrawl uses AI-technology to

2206, 2023

Transparency is the future: Opportunity for UK seafood businesses to pilot new data sharing technology

By |June 22, 2023|Categories: Digitalisation, News|

A newly-released report from FIS has highlighted how data-sharing through digitalisation can bring tailor-made benefits to seafood businesses. The innovative, FIS-commissioned pilot project has laid the foundations for supply chains across the UK to trial greater transparency, adapting the technology to their own, specific needs. ‘Digitalisation’ in seafood is

2604, 2023

Our own path to net zero: What does decarbonisation mean for safe and prosperous fishing in the Clyde?

By |April 26, 2023|Categories: News, Vessels of the Future|

FIS and the Clyde Fishermen’s Trust recently hosted two fisher-led workshops, bringing together key stakeholders in the industry - including vessel designers, engineers, regulators, ports representatives and training experts - to discuss how to support Clyde fishing communities in the transition towards a net zero fishing fleet. The workshops

3001, 2023

‘Too risky’ to delay investment in safe and viable Net Zero fishing vessels

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Delaying investment in net zero fishing vessels is a risky strategy, according to a new report we commissioned. The study by Macduff Ship Design explains that net zero fuels are currently no match for diesel-powered fishing vessels, but failing to invest in this technology and the associated safety, training

2401, 2023

FIS opens its doors to the UK seafood community

By |January 24, 2023|Categories: News|

FIS, the coalition of experts driving strategic innovation in seafood, is expanding in scope to reach a wider range of seafood businesses and communities. Fisheries Innovation Scotland is now Fisheries Innovation & Sustainability, reflecting the support FIS is extending to the whole UK seafood community. At the FIS AGM in

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