At the start of this year, FIS asked for views on the most pressing innovation needs for the Scottish seafood industry. This was to help us think of innovations which could transform the way the industry performs – scientifically, economically, environmentally and socially – and to guide discussions at the Scottish Fishing Conference 2020.

Since then, the seafood world has been impacted drastically by the global pandemic and, of course, our conference was postponed. However, all contributions have been read and discussed by both the FIS Board and Technical Advisory Committee, and we are considering where FIS could offer the best support to our industry.

We share here the full list of questions received from a range of Scottish seafood stakeholders. However, we must clarify that this list is for information only – ┬áit is neither exhaustive nor definitive as it was collated prior to the pandemic and it is likely that stakeholder priorities will have changed. Our discussions will resume later this year when together we can consider stakeholder needs as the industry recovers.

In the meantime, we want to thank everyone for sharing their expertise with FIS. Please do get in touch to discuss your innovation ideas, or take a look at the new section of the FIS website where you can read about our project assessment criteria and what innovation means to FIS.