FIS are pleased to announce a new project in partnership with Macduff Ship Design, who will be developing concepts for net zero fishing vessels.

This project has been developed in response to a need identified by experts at the FIS Vessels of the Future workshop held in April 2022, and a recent knowledge-exchange project in Norway with skipper and naval architect James Duthie.

On his return from Norway, James Duthie, who met with key players working in Norwegian vessel innovations, said: “We need to design concept vessels that are capable of running on alternative fuels, then benchmark the designs against the status quo to see how far we are from making this a reality. A wrong move could have serious long-term consequences for our fishing industry.”

Macduff Ship Design will be exploring whether net zero fishing vessels are technically, financially, & regulatorily possible now, or assessing what must be done to make net zero solutions a reality in the future.

Stay tuned for project updates coming soon.

Macduff Ship Design Ltd.