Outer space and ocean fishing may seem like they couldn’t be further apart, but FIS is working with Space Intelligence to discover how satellite technology could benefit our fishing industry.

The report of our latest project – FIS037- is now available to read on our website. Written by Space Intelligence, the Scottish-based organisation specialising in transforming space data into actionable information, this jargon-free review covers how new and emerging satellite tech can benefit our Scottish seafood.

FIS asked Space Intelligence to conduct ‘blue sky’ research into the potential benefits of utilising satellite technology within the sector. For example, data from satellites can help to build maps of fishing activity in Scottish waters, or improve the efficiency and sustainability of day-to-day fishing by helping to pinpoint optimal fishing grounds and track vessels. All FIS projects have industry knowledge built in from the very start, and our members are keen to understand how satellite data could support more prosperous, precise, and energy-efficient fisheries.

Space Intelligence has also created a series of short animations, introducing ideas of how satellite tech could support fully digitalised fisheries in Scotland. This includes predicting changes in fish stocks, creating digital hubs to share real-time information, and using nanosatellites to monitor the carbon emissions of the Scottish fleet.

This report is only the beginning of the collaborative journey between Scotland’s space and fishing sectors. It takes a deep dive into the many ways that satellite tech can benefit the whole seafood supply chain – from fishermen to markets and buyers to policy makers – and FIS is thoroughly excited for the next steps.

Read more about the project here, or read the final report here.