These six designs were produced by Macduff Ship Design as part of the Net Zero Vessels Project. Each design is tailored to an alternative fuel option – battery electric, methanol, or LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) – and fits one of three vessel types: under 10m creel boats, 15m Nephrops trawlers, and under 24m whitefish trawlers.

These designs have undergone rigorous proof-of-concept validation to ensure feasibility, and represent the culmination of a collaborative effort between Macduff Ship Designs, the University of Exeter’s Centre for Future Clean Mobility, and FIS. More technical details are available to read in the project report below.

Under 10m Creel Boat – Methanol

15m Nephrops Trawler – Methanol

Under 24m Whitefish Trawler – Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

Under 10m Creel Boat – Battery Electric

15m Nephrops Trawler – Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

Under 24m Whitefish  Trawler – Methanol