These vessel designs were produced by Macduff Ship Design as part of the Net Zero Vessels Project. Designs 1-6 were produced in Stage 2 of the project, and focus on battery electric, methanol, or LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) fuel options. Designs 7-9 focus on hydrogen fuel as a primary option, and were produced in Stage 3 of the project. Each design is tailored to one of three vessel types: under 10m creel boats, 15m Nephrops trawlers, and under 24m whitefish trawlers.

These designs have undergone rigorous proof-of-concept validation to ensure feasibility. More technical details are available to read in the project reports below.

1. Under 10m Creel Boat – Methanol

2. 15m Nephrops Trawler – Methanol

3. Under 24m Whitefish Trawler – Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

4. Under 10m Creel Boat – Battery Electric

5. 15m Nephrops Trawler – Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

6. Under 24m Whitefish  Trawler – Methanol

10m hydrogen power

7. Under 10m Creel Boat – Hydrogen

Nephrops hydrogen

8. 15m Nephrops Trawler – Hydrogen

Whitefish trawler - hydrogen

9. Under 24m Whitefish  Trawler – Hydrogen